Each skin care process creates a sinfully indulgent experience.
Our primary concern is to create healthy skin that looks and feels well. All skin care treatments include a clinical analysis, live enzyme exfoliation with steam, herbal soaked hot and cold towels, toner, and mask. All products used botanical extracts and are blended for your exclusive skin care treatment essential aromatherapy.
As the candlelight flickers and the soft music echoes gently, your sense of smell is delighted with the essence of beautiful cedar forests blanketed by morning dew. Your body and soul breathe a sigh of relief with relaxation’s long-awaited arrival.

Specialty Mask Facial

This facial is identical to the Stress Therapy facial with the addition of one of the following special sheet masks or mud formulas:

Ginko Biloba
Hyaluronic Acid

You are left feeling refreshed and indulgently relaxed.

Shiatsu Facial Treatment

Shiatsu treatment is based on a Japanese holistic theory of health and the belief that all parts and operations of the body are interrelated. These techniques have been incorporated into a facial treatment applying firm pressure to target points and energy channels. By stimulating these points, deep-seated tensions are released and well-being is restored. This treatment does not include extractions.

Glycolic Treatment

A professional strength glycolic acid is used to smooth the skin tone through an intense exfoliation, resulting in more youthful skin. This treatment is available individually or in a series of treatments.

Desert Solace Facial Treatment

This is a double-step exfoliation and a triple mask treatment-a facial rich in healing, replenishing what the desert’s arid climate depletes from our skin. Provides the intense re-hydration and miniaturization necessary for a healthy, glowing, complexion. Your soul will welcome the opportunity to relax and release harmful anxieties, putting a necessary balance back into your mind by healing your complexion.


Express Facial

This treatment is designed as a refresher service in between facials, concentrating on re-hydrating, exfoliating, and moisturizing the skin. Your skin is left feeling well cared for and nourished. This treatment does not include extractions.

Acne Treatment

When challenged with moderate to serious skin concerns, a series of acne treatments, coupled with a disciplined home care with custom blended products, will bring the results you desire. A consultation for this treatment is necessary in order to determine how many treatments are needed, the procedures to be used, and review of present nutritional and lifestyle habits. As the process takes effect, you will feel encouraged and pleased with the great skin you deserve.

Custom Corrective Facial

This treatment is a deep cleansing massage of the face neck, and shoulders. The focus is on exfoliation and a deep pore cleansing, where you determine extraction or massage time, depending on your desire or need. This process allows your aesthetician to correct aggravated conditions before becoming problematic, giving you a consistently smooth, clear complexion.

Back Facials

This hard to care for area indulges you in a deep cleansing massage from the neck to the buttocks area, exfoliating the skin and providing extractions as necessary. An excellent treatment for any back with a tendency toward oiliness, clogged pores, or breakouts.


Stress Therapy Facial

To relieve stress, your face, neck and shoulders indulge in a deep cleansing massage with mild extractions. In order to deepen the relaxation during live enzyme treatment, you will enjoy a moisturizing massage of the hands and forearms, where heated mitts are used to further penetration. During masking, a moisturizing massage of the feet and calves is performed, and heated booties are used to enhance relaxation. The tensions brought on by the overwhelming tasks of life will be set free, giving your skin a radiant glow.

Oxygen Facial

(ECHO2 Pure Oxygen Treatment)
This Anti-Aging treatment nourishes the skin with over 87 different vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves firmness and tone. It effectively treats acne and helps prevent breakouts. It also leaves the skin feeling soft dewy and naturally healthy. A great facial for people with rosacea.

Cellec-C Facial

Is a facial that uses vitamin C which your body utilizes to promote collagen synthesis. It is designed to help your skin act and feel like younger skin. Your skin will look firm, smooth and toned with deep wrinkles looking less pronounced.

Diamond Peel

For those who want it all! This ultimate anti-aging duo includes the Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion to resurface the skin and reduce wrinkles. Enzyme application, vitamin c serums/eye masque, Deep pore cleansing along with steam & extractions, and Massage of the chest, neck, and shoulders.


  • Acne Five Weeks + $60
  • Acne Treatment $50.00
  • Acne Treatment w/ Consultation $60
  • Back Facial $60.00
  • Custom Corrective 50 min. $85
  • Custom Corrective 65 min. $80
  • Cellex-C Facial 75 min $99
  • Consultation $35
  • Custom Corrective Treatment 50 min. $67
  • Custom Corrective Treatment 65 min. $82
  • Desert Solace Treatment $125
  • Esoteric Reflexology Foot $75
  • Express Facial 45 min. $50
  • Eye Mask add-on $18
  • Glo Enzyme add-on $17
  • Glycolic Facial $50
  • Glycolic Series (6) $290
  • Glycolic Treatment $37
  • Glycolic w/Treatment $37
  • Hot Rock Facial 60 min. $85
  • Hydrating Paraffin add-on $28
  • Hydrating Paraffin 65 min $85
  • Hydrating Paraffin w/ Treatment $25
  • Jessner Peel $125
  • Micro Dermabrasion $99
  • Micro Dermabrasion Series (11) $900
  • Micro Infusion Treatment $140
  • Diamond Peel 80 min. $185
  • Oxygen Facial $115
  • Oxygen Facial Echo II $110
  • Shiatsu Facial $60
  • Specialty Mask 75 min. $115
  • Stress Therapy Facial 65min. $82
  • Stress Therapy Facial 80 min. $99