The healing art of touch therapy or massage has embraced humankind since the beginning of time. Massage has the unique healing power to mend both the body and mind affording you the most essential luxury to counteract the negative effects of anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep. Therapeutic touch helps shape a nourished, relaxed, well-balanced, and ensure energized physique. Your therapist is highly professional, respecting your modesty at all times. We ensure that you will feel comfortable, whether you are a massage connoisseur or newly acquainted with the celestial effects of massage. In your pursuit of either therapeutic healing or inner-peace, we invite you to relax as you relish this exquisite experience. Many of our therapists have advanced certification in specialized techniques.

Athletic Restorative Masssage

This massage is for the sports enthusiast and is an exceptional therapy for an injury or pre-existing condition. Athletic restorative massage will help improve your stamina, lessen the pain of sore muscles, increase flexibility, and help prevent injury. An excellent massage before or after a vigorous workout, or after, a physically or mentally challenging day on the golf course or tennis court. This is a more invigorating massage and is recommended in a series.

Custom Blended Massage

You and your therapist will choose the areas’ most in need of stress release and the appropriate type of massage to relieve those areas. This massage will reach your specific needs as your muscles accept relief and your souls’ revived. Prices vary according to the technique used.

Deep Tissue Massage

A well-known technique tailored to release deep-seated anxiety and emotional blocks, deep tissue massage provides your mind, body, and spite a moment of sweet serenity. By breaking apart the discord of tension, deep tissue massage will leave you feeling invigorated and well.

Full Body Massage with Reflexology

This massage has the luxury of the fill body therapeutic massage with the added healing power of reflexology for the hands and feet. A variety of pressure point movements concentrate on exciting the nerve endings in the hands and feet, which directly stimulate the corresponding organs and systems of your body. Vitalizing these nerve endings brings your body the ultimate sense of comfort and relaxation. Your mind will feel rested and your body’s balanced, restored.

Prenatal Massage

For expecting mothers, this massage lends a comforting release of tension in the lower back. Your therapist is careful to ensure that muscles and nerves are not over stimulated in any way. Prenatal massage enhance well-being during this delicate journey to motherhood. You deserve it!

South Western Hot Rock Treatment

This treatment, rich in history, consists of a full-body massage with the added benefit of smooth heated rocks placed on your body’s key tension areas. The pressure and heat allow the muscles to release strain from areas that are often difficult to relax.

Swedish Massage

Our Swedish massage calms your entire body with traditional long, soothing strokes at a lighter pressure, relaxing taut muscles and tissue, increasing circulation and overall well-being. The physical signs of life’s overwhelming stress vanish, inviting peace and wellness in their place. This massage is good for pressure sensitive people.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage involves detailed muscle work. Long strokes with deeper pressure are used to invoke your body’s musculature restoration. An excellent massage for relaxation and for chronic occupational strain. Our most popular massage.



  • Athletic Restorative 60 min. $75.00
  • Athletic Restorative 90 min. $99.00
  • Prenatal 45 min. $55.00
  • Reflexology 30 min. $50.00
  • Full Body w/ Reflexology 60 min. $75.00
  • Full body w/ reflexology 90min. $99.00
  • Full Body w/ Reflexology 120 min. $  $145 .00
  • Custom Blended 30 min. $50.00
  • Swedish 60 min. $69.00
  • Custom Blended 45 min. $64.00
  • Swedish 90 min. $94.00
  • Deep Tissue 60 min. $75.00
  • Swedish 120 min. $135.00
  • Deep Tissue 90 min. $105.00
  • Therapeutic 60 min. $69.00
  • Hot Rock 60 min. $75.00
  • Therapeutic 90 min. $94.00
  • Hot Rock 90 min. $ 105.00
  • Therapeutic 120 min. $135.00
  • Hot Rock 120 min. $158.00
  • Post-Op 30 min. $50.00
  • Post-Op 60 min. $95.00