Lois Millar

Lois Millar, Owner and CEO
Zen Skin

Lois began her illustrious career by managing a business at the ripe old age of sixteen! While advancing her education at UNLV, she entered the world of beauty at Merle Norman Cosmetics where she was responsible for three store locations. Her success earned her admiration and national recognition from Merle Norman Corporation. During this time, she branched out at nineteen years old became one of the youngest board members of the Boulevard Mall here in Las Vegas

Lois enjoys her work and can boast pride and expertise as a fine aesthetician. She has had the pleasure of creating make-up for Steve Perry of Journey, actor Paul Gleason, percussionist Larry London, and actress Brooke Shields, and our own pro tennis player, Andre Aggasi. In addition, she is a make-up artist for Channel 8 special events.

Lois is certified in both theatrical make-up as well as paramedical skin. As she specializes in severe problematic skin, Lois has received the following awards:

Participating in local charities and community events, Lois has judged for Miss Boulder City pageant for two years as well as Miss Nevada USA pageant for two years. Among her professional achievements she has created an apprentice program for post graduate training. She has received praise and public recognition as a guest lecturer for our National Skin Convention for two years, for UNLV Business Department and for the Community College of Southern Nevada. Lois is also a consultant for McCarran International Airport for a spa concession at the D gates. Add her certification designation for Cutera for Laser Therapy and Lois does encompass the true meaning of skin care!

Anthony Chadwell

Anthony Chadwell believes the body has the natural ability to heal itself with ideal nutrition and proper body alignment. During your initial treatment and subsequent visits, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation and find a solution that fits your needs. A blend of techniques will be tailored to your individual needs, including:

Anthony Chadwell has lived in Las Vegas for the past 40 years and started his clinic 13 years ago.


Jerry Fields

Jerry Fields has been a L.C.M.T. for 15 years, specializing in Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. He has advanced training in many modalities of massage, including Pre-natal which helps mom enjoy a more pleasant pregnancy and Post-op using Crossing Fiber Friction to aid in faster healing, as well as promoting stronger and more flexible scar tissue.

Jerry has taught massage school for 3 years and has been with Zen Skin for 14 years.

Hair Stylists

Jodi Brychel