NuFace is a non-invasive facial toning device intended for at-home cosmetic use. This battery operated device delivers low level electrical microcurrent impulses to strategic locations on the face to improve your facial tone for a more youthful appearance. Please call us with questions, to schedule a NuFace treatment, or to own your own device.

Lash Enhancer

LiLash – Get long, beautiful lashes that make you want to say goodbye to your mascara all together. Mascara junkies, however, will fall in love with their favorite mascara all over again. Extension wearers, will enjoy less natural lash breakage and better support. Salt and paraben-free gel formulation will make even the most sensitive eyes happy. One tube of "magic juice" lasts over four months. Visit for more information.

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Buy a gift card, and give the gift or relaxation. Our Gift Card is good for any of our services and products. Gift Card sales are final.

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